What’s Up: How to overcome 5 common household headaches without breaking the bank

After a draining day of classes, there really is no place like home.

That is unless your home is a rat-infested, leaking ice box with a dysfunctional toilet and thriving ant colony.

Like many other “adulting” activities, managing a home is not an experience most college students have entering university. While the internet can be a helpful resource in navigating maintenance mishaps, it can feel overwhelming as a first-time renter to see lengthy instructions littered with unfamiliar jargon.


Food for thought: Advocates for healthy eating share tips and tricks for college students on a budget

For college students, maintaining a healthy and affordable diet is no piece of cake.

Health- and budget-conscious eating can pose challenges for young adults, especially because people often fall prey to the misconception that nutritious foods and affordable foods are mutually exclusive, Lizzy Schnicke, a registered dietitian at the Wexner Medical Center, said. Luckily, Schnicke and others dedicated to promoting balanced eating on campus shared advice for students who want to shift toward healt

Wexner Medical Center employees speak to burnout in the workplace in light of receiving Joy in Medicine award

When thinking of health care workers, it can be easy to overlook their humanity. Because they are so often associated with healing others, people tend to forget they experience anxiety and exhaustion just like all people do; more likely, to an even greater degree.

Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center was one of 72 health systems in the country to receive the American Medical Association’s Joy in Medicine award this year, which recognizes groups that show dedication to their employees’ well-being

University succeeds in first human trial of new drug to combat relapsed blood cancer

A new drug, nemtabrutinib, might soon be available to patients with blood cancers that have stopped responding to typical treatments after Ohio State conducted a successful clinical trial.

The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center found the drug effective in ¾ of participating cancer patients, which includes those with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, according to a Nov. 6 press release.

While there are multiple drugs available to treat these B-cell cancers, m

Wondering about weed? Experts speak on marijuana’s health implications

As Election Day nears and Ohio State students prepare to cast their votes on Ohio Issue 2 — a statewide ballot initiative that will legalize the purchase and possession of recreational marijuana if passed — one consideration on voters’ minds may be marijuana’s health implications.

Douglas Berman, the executive director of the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center in the Moritz College of Law, said while public health is an important piece of the issue, it’s important to recognize that existing sci

Cartoonist Jeff Smith reflects on education, career and stigma surrounding the arts

As a high school senior, Jeff Smith’s passion for comics was as strong as when he was a mere 4 years old reading the Sunday morning cartoons with his dad at the kitchen table.

With the daunting task of choosing a career inching nearer and nearer as high school graduation loomed over him, Smith informed his favorite art teacher — notably, the only one with whom he didn’t have a “combative relationship” — he was considering applying to a graphic arts position at one of the largest companies in th

Out-R-Inn and Ethyl & Tank break the bounds of north and south bar stereotypes

Once the laptops have been shut and the libraries have been abandoned, numerous Ohio State students have already begun preparing for their night on the town. And for most, the night feels incomplete without a stop at beloved bars Out-R-Inn or Ethyl & Tank.

With the multitude of near-campus bars, earning the student-deemed accolade of best North and South Campus bars, respectively, is no small feat. While Out-R-Inn and Ethyl & Tank share the “best bar” honorific, many students find that this is

Ohio State: What's your favorite song?

Ohio State: What's your favorite song?

The Lantern's Assistant Arts & Life Editor Emma Wozniak walked around campus and asked students what their favorite songs are. Then she had their fellow buckeyes rate the song. Watch until the end for some bloopers. 👀

🎥 Hosna Sadaqat | Arts & Life Producer
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Pay up, Buckeyes: Saturday’s football game against Purdue to be streamed exclusively on Peacock

Watching the Buckeyes just got more expensive, and many fans are feeling sidelined.

Ohio State’s upcoming football game against Purdue will be streamed exclusively on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service.

The change to Ohio State sports viewing arrives in light of the landmark seven-year agreement between NBCUniversal and the Big Ten Conference that NBC and Peacock will be the exclusive platforms for Big Ten Saturday Night Football beginning this year, according to an August, 2022 press r

College of Medicine on the rise in rankings and funding

Ohio State’s College of Medicine is bringing in more money than ever, now to the tune of $421.4 million across 3,100 different awards.

According to a Sept. 12 press release, the College of Medicine experienced a 14.3 percent growth in research awards during its 2023 fiscal year — which began July 1, 2022, and ended June 30 — jumping from $368.5 million in funding to the new record of $421.4 million. Carol Bradford, dean of the College of Medicine and the Wexner Medical Center’s vice president f

Don’t let the trope fool you: “Living off of ramen and pizza” could be a sign of food insecurity

The lack of consistent access to nutritional foods, more commonly known as food insecurity, is a reality most college students brush off as a myth.

According to the 2020 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study, the food insecurity rate for college students is higher than for the general public, with nearly a quarter of undergraduate and 12 percent of graduate students affected. As both Malnutrition Awareness Week and September’s Hunger Action Month come to an end, Mike Hochron, the Mid-Ohio Fo

REACH out and save a life through Ohio State’s suicide prevention training program

As National Suicide Prevention Week comes to a close, Ohio State’s REACH movement is refusing to let its suicide prevention training efforts be limited to a mere seven days.

REACH has served as the training program created and administered by Ohio State’s Suicide Prevention Program since 2013, Laura Lewis, the program’s assistant director, said. Despite the immense impact the 90-minute training sessions can have on the Ohio State community, Lewis said REACH often goes unnoticed due to lingering

STOP THE BLEED: New emergency preparedness training program comes to campus

“STOP THE BLEED,” a new emergency preparedness program, has expanded its training to staff members at the Wexner Medical Center, aiming to prepare health care workers in the event of a medical emergency.

Ohio State emergency physician Nicholas Kman hosted a “STOP THE BLEED” training session Aug. 31, informing staff members of various outpatient facilities within the Wexner Medical Center on emergency preparedness skills like wound packing and applying compression. Kman said the timing of the pr

Replenishing the nest: How parents can cope with their newly hollow household

With the shutting of a car trunk and the unpacking of a box, parents go from leading brimming households to occupying empty nests in what may feel like a matter of moments.

The term “empty nester,” used to describe parents whose children have grown up and left home, is one many Ohio State parents may find themselves relating to since dropping their kids off at college. But Shannon Jarrott, an Ohio State professor of social work, said not all empty nesters cope with their newfound situation in t

Is the pandemic really “over?” Next steps with COVID-19

As March 2020 feels increasingly like a distant memory with each passing day, for many, the COVID-19 pandemic has become a lingering thought of the past.

Though it has slipped away for some, rules and resources surrounding the virus continue to adjust at Ohio State, including the university no longer requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for students, faculty and non-hospital staff as of April 24. With this, university spokesperson Ben Johnson said this change — among others — to testing on campus do

What’s Up: Unconventional study spots for students stuck in a rut

Thompson Library may have grandiose windows and bountiful brimming bookshelves but, let’s be honest, it fills up pretty quickly.

When popular study spots like Thompson or Mirror Lake are simply too hopping to handle, check out some of these more “unconventional” locations to spruce up your study life.

Located just a few blocks north of campus, Kafe Kerouac is redefining the concept of “your friendly neighborhood coffee shop.” Whether you’re looking for a quiet mid-morning study session sipping

The greatest gift of all: University's health science programs honored this year’s body donors Sunday

Filled with families from all walks of life, the Mershon Auditorium hosted hundreds Sunday afternoon who all have one thing in common: the sacrifice they and their loved ones made for science.

Each year at the end of August, the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry and Division of Anatomy bring together the families of those who have donated their bodies to science through Ohio State’s body donation program, according to the university website. Melissa Quinn, the faculty adviser for the Anatomy Memorial Service Committee, said this y

What’s Up: Fall flicks at the Wexner Center for the Arts

Settling in to watch a movie is a quintessential, cozy autumn activity. Now that fall semester has officially started, students looking for a meaningful cinematic experience can always visit the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Over the next few months, the Wex will showcase a diverse lineup of film and video content sure to captivate any cinephile or the average moviegoer. Click on the title of any event to learn more information.

Using “computer-animated generation techniques,” Mousavijad examine

Clique-ing into place: Finding your footing in the college social scene

Nerds. Jocks. Theater kids. In high school, cliques seem inevitable. But college seemingly holds the promise of a fresh start, an opportunity to explore one’s identity without the consequences of a ruthless social hierarchy.

In his dissertation on how university students develop a sense of belonging within their schools, Ohio State graduate Erick Axxe said his research concluded there is no lack of cliques in the university setting when compared to high schools. But that doesn’t mean incoming s

Upcoming Obon Festival brings Japanese culture to central Ohio

While college is a chance for students to fulfill their study abroad dreams, many may find a semester out of the country impractical for various financial or personal reasons.

Luckily, the Japan-America Society of Central Ohio — known as JASCO — has found ways to bring Japanese cultural experiences to Ohio State, all while providing a welcoming community to Japanese students in the process.

JASCO is an independent nonprofit in Dublin, Ohio, dedicated to uniting Ohio’s Japanese and American com

What’s Up: 2023-24 Welcome Week Events

As campus is flooded with the hustle and bustle of incoming and returning Buckeyes alike, many students may be in search of a reprieve from their unpacking and class mapping. Luckily for these students, Welcome Week — beginning Aug. 20 — presents a wide range of events, concerts and festivals to students eager to immerse themselves in Buckeye culture.

The annual fair offers students the chance to learn about hundreds of student organizations on campus and discover ways to get involved outside o

What’s Up: A guide to Urban Arts Space’s Summer Series

Much to the dismay of many students, summer is swiftly coming to an end.

The Urban Arts Space, however, is embracing the remaining bit of the season through its annual Summer Series, a program showcasing various projects and exhibitions in order to foster collaboration, artistic diversity and multifaceted approaches to art. Below are events hosted by the Urban Arts Space in the coming weeks, all of which are free of charge. Click the title of any event for more information.

Artist Commune: Fas

‘Irrepressible Soul’ exhibition reinstates art as universal language

Viewing art is often considered a deeply intimate and individualized experience. But Iyana Hill, creator and co-curator of the “Irrepressible Soul” art exhibition, has a more collaborative philosophy — especially when it comes to highlighting the Black experience: “It takes a village.”

“Irrepressible Soul” opened June 1, and will be on view through July 1 at Urban Arts Space, which occupies the Lazarus building in downtown Columbus and hosts free galleries and events, according to its website.

Local air show provides insight into world of aviation

After a 16-year absence, aerobatic pilots are returning to the sky — at least, the patch of sky above Columbus’ Rickenbacker International Airport — to amaze air show attendees with the marvel of flight.

The Columbus Air Show Presented by Scotts is a three-day event that presents participants with an opportunity to visit, learn about and watch aircraft both on the ground and in the air. Between performances by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, up-close exposure to some of the biggest aircraft in the w
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